Textile Mediums and Chemicals for Printing, Painting and Dyeing Fabrics

Fabric Dyeing Chemicals and Materials

Everything you need for silk painting, dyeing fabric, and complex fabric painting projects?from carrageenan for marbling on fabric, soda ash for setting procion dyes, airfax for fixing fabric paints, and alum for prefixing fabric for flower pounding and dyeing.

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Urea~Dye Chemical
Use when applying dye solutions directly to fabric as in tie dyeing and hand painting with Procion MX or Acid dyes. Urea slows the drying process allowing more time for dye to react with fabric, yielding deeper, more vibrant colors.
  • Chemical Compound-Carbamide-CO(NH 2)2
  • Size-1 pound
  • Price-$4.50
  • Size-5 pounds
  • Price-$11.50
Alum~Marbling Medium
Marbling medium and presoak for fabric when doing flower pounding, and as a mordant for natural dyes.
  • Chemical Compound-Potassium Aluminum Sulfate-KAl(SO4)2·12H2O
  • Size-1 pound
  • Price-$5.99
  • Size-5 pounds
  • Price-$11.50
Soda Ash
Soda Ash~Dye Setting Agent
Dye fixer for Procion MX dyes. Please see manufacturers instructions for use.
  • Chemical Compound-Sodium Carbonate-Na2CO3
  • Size-1 pound
  • Price- $4.50
  • Size-5 pounds
  • Price-$11.50
Textile mediums
Ludigol F~DYe Enhancer
Dye enhancer for steam setting dyes. Use 1 teaspoon per quart-add to dye bath when steam setting when needing deep shades and steam setting silk. larger quantities available by special order.
  • Chemical Compound-Sodium nitrobenzenesulfonate-C6H4NNaO5S
  • Size-2 oz.
  • Price-$4.50
Sodium Alginate F~Dye Thickener
Seaweed derivative used as a thickener for dyes, ideal for painting on silk and wool.
  • Chemical Compound-Polysaccharide-C6H9NaO7
  • Size-2 oz
  • Price-$7.50
Sodium Alginate SH~Dye Thickener
Seaweed derivative used as a thickener for dyes, ideal for painting on cotton, linen and rayon.
  • Chemical Compound-Polysaccharide-C6H9NaO7
  • Size-2 oz
  • Price-$7.50
Marbling on fabric
Carageenan~Marbling Medium
Natural seaweed gelling agent for marbling on fabrics and paper. Provides a viscous surface that allows the dyes to float on the liquid surface.
  • Chemical Compound-Polysaccharide-C24H36O25S2-2
  • Size-4 oz bag
  • Price-$19.95
Marbling on fabric
Methocel~Marbling Medium
Methocel-synthetic substitution for carrageenan -used to marbling on paper and textiles. Less expensive than natural carageenan.
  • Chemical Compound-Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose-C29H54O16
  • Size-8 oz bag
  • Price-$23.99
silk salt
Silk Salt
Silk salt for starburst techniques with batik and silk painting. Sprinkle while dye/paint is still wet to push color around, allow to dry and brush off. Rinse as usual.
  • Chemical Compound-Sodium Chloride-NaCl
  • Size-2 oz jar
  • Price-$2.30
  • Size-10 oz jar
  • Price-$4.50
Fiber Etch burnout velvet
Fiber Etch~Velvet Etching Solution
For creating your own burnout velvet. Etching solution for fabrics and paper. Removes fibers from velvets and flat fabrics as well as papers. Use with stencils or freehand. Contains sodium bisulfate
  • Size-2 oz bottle with applicator tip
  • Price-$7.95
Color Magnet for silk screening
Color Magnet~Dye Attractant
Color Magnet-Dye attractant for screen printing and dyeing with fabric dyes. Attracts dye particals creating two toned results. Does not leave a residual stiffness in fabrics.
Synthrapol~Excess Dye Grabber
Fabric detergent, dye grabber used to prevent back dyeing after using Procion MX dyes.
  • Chemical Compound-Surfactant
  • Size- 6 oz. bottle
  • Price-$6.99
  • Size-1 quart
  • Price-$24.99
Airfix~Dye Setting
Fixative for fabrics and applications where heat setting cannot be done. Approximately 1 tsp per quart of water based paint.
  • Chemical Compound-Visit manufacturers website
  • Size-60 ml. bottle
  • Price-$9.00
  • Size-250 ml. bottle
  • Price-$30.75
No Flow
No Flow~Dye Inhibitor
Antifusant used to inhibit the spread of dyes on fabric. Useful for drawing or writing with dye or with felt tip markers on silk when using a brush with liquid dyes or paints, blot excess from bristles before painting.
Color remover for fabrics
Color Remover
Color remover for natural fabrics, rayons and some nylons. Does not work for polyester. Dissolve color remover in hot water, heat to 185 degrees Farenheit and add fabric so that water covers it, heat till it reaches a rolling boil for 10-20 minutes, wash with detergent in cool water. Results may vary depending on fabric and dyes.
  • Chemical Compound-Dithionous acid, disodium salt-Na2S2O4
  • Size-2 oz. bottle
  • Price-$4.39
  • Size-1 lb bag
  • Price-$11.99
iDye Sun Blocker
Sun Blocker~UV Protectant
iDye Sun Block-Penetrates fabric to block harmful UV rays- lasts for up to 20 washings-one pack treats 2-3 lbs. Good for outdoor fabric.
  • Size-1/2 oz packet
  • Price-$3.69
textile color remover
iDye Color Remover
Whitens and removes color and stains from commercially dyes fabrics.
  • Size-1/2 oz packet
  • Price-$4.80
Discharge paste
Discharge Paste~Dye Remover
Discharge Paste-reducing agent for removing reactive dyes, like Procion MX from fabrics-apply with brush stamp or silkscreen-color removed may result in white, or a completely different color may result. After discharging, wash fabric with synthrapol or other detergent to return fabric to it's natural hand.
  • Chemical Compound-Sodium Sulfite-Na2SO3
  • Size-8 oz jar
  • Price-$9.30