Japanese Sumi-e, Watercolor Palattes and Wells

Ceramic Sumi-e dishes for Japanese inks, watercolors, silk paints and Dye Na Flow. Made of high fire, durable porcelain, these dishes are convenient to use for sumi-e painting, watercolors and inks. Beautiful look when you're looking for a classic painting dish. Made in Japan. These quality ceramic palattes don't chip easily because of the high fire process.

porcelain ink dishes, ink palattes

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Ceramic watercolor palette
Flower Palatte-9 Well

Flower palette 9 well saucer, larger central well surrounded by 8 small wells

  • Material-high fire porcelain
  • Width-5 1/4" wide
  • Price-$11.10
Sumi-e ink dishes
Single Well-Koi

Ceramic koi design ink wells, cobalt on white,

  • Material-high fire porcelain
  • Width-3 inch
  • Price-$2.50 each
plastic paint palatte
6 Well Plastic

Plastic paint palette, for use with any paint, 6 wells

  • Material-Plastic
  • Width- 5 x 3 3/8 inches
  • Price-$2.00
Sumi-e ink sticks
Sumi-e Ink Stick
  • Sumi-e ink stick Made from soot and glue

    0.7 oz. CLEARANCE! now $3.50

    Sumi-e ink stick 0.9 oz. CLEARANCE! now $6.00

Suzuri ink stone
Suzuri Ink Stone
Suzuri ink stone 5" x 2 1/2", wet with water and use to rub ink stick on , deeper well on one side

  • CLEARANCE! now $7.25

Sumi-e ink bottles
Sumi-e Inks
Black Permanent Sumi-e ink-Bokuju liquid ink for a dark, rich, glossy black.
  • Sold out