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Silk ribbon clearnance

Neopaque fabric paints

Neopaque-Super opaque fabric paint-covers even dark fabrics in one application. Excellent color with complete opacity in 2.25 oz. jars. 14 rich opaque colors Applies easily and smoothly Adheres to untreated fabrics - natural or synthetic, leather, paper, paper mache & wood All colors may be intermixed to create a nearly infinite range of colors Can be diluted with up to 25% water Easy to clean up with soap & water Simple fixing with a dry iron makes them fully washable, drycleanable & light fast.

Neopaque Instructions

magenta opaque fabric paint

Magenta opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

red opaque fabric paints

Red opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

opaque fabric paint

Gold Yellow opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

yellow opaque fabric paints

Yellow opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

violet opaque fabric paints

Violet opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

blue opaque fabric paints

Blue opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

turquoise opaque fabric paint

Turquoise opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

green opaque fabric paints

Green opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

ochre opaque fabric paints

Ochre opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

fabric paint sets

You can also order a set of fabric paints

russet opaque fabric paints

Russet opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

brown opaque fabric paints

Brown opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

black opaque fabric paint

Black opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

white opaque fabric paints

White opaque fabric paint 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

flowable extender medium for fabric paints

flowable Extender- dilutes color while keeping body 2 1/4 oz. $5.25

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Versatex screen printing inks


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