Wool Rovings and Needle Felting Supplies-CLEARANCE

100% New Zealand Corriedale wool felt. It is wonderful for needle felting, wet felting, locker hooking, thrumming, spinning and any other wool project where you need great quality wool. 12" length per package. Make sculptural felt pieces, felt onto a base wool to make flat fabrics, or use for doll hair, ornaments and many more projects. We carry these beautiful colorfast wool rovings for needle felting, sculptural felting and layering to make felted fabric. We have a great rangeof tools for needle felting too, and now on sale for 40% off!
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Wool roving clearance
Clearance Groups

We're clearing out our rovings. Super discount on a group of 13 colors. Normally $3.99 each but ~Now disounted 50%.-Only 5 groups available

Sold out

triangle felting needles
Triangle Point Colonial Felting Needles
Set of three barbed needles for needle felting 36 guage triangular point, made in Portugal. Strong, barbed steel in the large 36 guage is great for felting large areas quilckly. Will leave a course finish on felting projects.

Price was $6.95~Now $4.17

blue point felting needles
Blue Grip Felting Needles
Blue Point hand felting needles-set of two hand felting needles. Use with our hand dyed wool rovings. These Blue Point felting needles are barbed, set comes with three 36 gauge needles, 50% more barbs for faster felting.
  • Price was $7.25~Now $4.35
Needle felting tool
Clover needle felting tool

Plastic felting tool makes needle felting easy and quick. Layer roving on fabrics, or silk on silk. Comes with three barbed needle with option to add up to two more for faster felting.

Must use brush mat with this tool

Price was $16.99 ~Now $10.20

Clover needle felting tool replacement needles
Clover Replacement Needles
Clover refill needles-for needle tool.For Needle Felting Tool (listed below)-comes with 5 needles-use only with tool-they will break if using them by hand.
  • Price- was $8.00~Now $4.80
 Clover needle felting brush mat
Needle Felting Brush Mat
Brush mat for needle felting. Felting surface for felting flat pieces -you need this mat to use the clover felting needle tool or needles will break. Deep brush surface allows you to punch wool straight down without friction and the three needles makes felting flat surfaces quick and easy.

Large brush mat felting surface-4.5 x 5.5 inches

Price was $18.00  ~Now $10.80