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Batik fabrics-page 2

Fresh from Indonesia these Bali fabrics are one of a kind, hand crafted batik fabrics. Each hand colored batik is dyed with brilliant colors that will bring your quilt project to life. Made in Indonesia where the art of batik is perfected. Hand dyed and printed using traditional batik process by artisans. Colorfast and non bleeding. Please wash with like colors in cold water. Perfect for quilting, these brilliant colored fabrics add life and movement to your piecework.

The batik process is a multi step method by which copper CAPS (pronounced "chops") are shaped into designs using flat copper sheeting and then affixed to a wood block. The fabric is dyed, or kept white if that is the underlying design color, and the CAP is dipped in hot wax. The artist then stamps the wax design onto the fabric creating a resist affect. The fabric is then dyed again with a darker color. At this point more wax can be applied with the same or a different CAP design, creating another resist so that an additional dye bath will cover remaining unwaxed parts. The wax is then removed, resulting in layers of colors and designs.

1/2 yard minimum on all fabrics, enter as .5- any quantity entered less than 1/2 yard will delay shipment.

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purple batik fabric

Almost gone!

Purple and orange dash pattern

Sold out

GOING, GOING, Gone! Scoop up these batik fabrics before they sell out!

purple and pink batik fabric


Pink and orange Swirling vines on black-SSG2-0004

Was $12.50 yd., now $8.00 per yard

Quantity :

lavender batik fabric


Lavender, curry and mustard dashes and dots.Lavender/ ochre/ mustard with dashes and dots-Item #-4207-506

$10.50 yard -Clearance! Now only $5.25 yard

Quantity :

mauve and gold paisley batik


Lavender, curry and magenta paisley print.

$10.50 yard Clearance! Now only $5.25 yard

Quantity :

olive batik fabric


Olive green batik fabric-4207-503

$10.50 yard -Clearance! Now only $5.25 yard

Quantity :

hibiscus batik fabric


Pale teal and lavender floral.

Pale teal batik fabric-AMD-11676-168

$11.60 yard-Clearance! Now only $5.80 yard

Quantity :

Cascade Mauve dark


Cascade Silver fades from light silver to dark steel grey. Cascade grey batik fabric-4202

Sold out

hoffman batik fabrics


Dark green with light green squares-G2179-71

Was $12.50 yd., now $8.00 per yard

Quantity :

buffalo batik fabric

Native American buffalo design-4206-800

$12.30 yard Clearance! Now $6.15 per yard

Quantity :
Lavender batik fabric


Lavender batik fabric.

Lavender with dots-KH05-12

Was $12.50 yd., now $8.00 per yard

Quantity :

lavender with purple flowers batik


Pale lavender batik fabric with turquoise flowers. Lavender background with turquoise flowers-BTR-6092

$12.50 yard

Quantity :

celestial batik fabric


Dark navy blue celestial print. Quilting fabric-BTR 6339

Was $12.50 yd., now $8.00 per yard

Quantity :

cascade red dark batik


Cascade Red fades from light pink to dark claret.

$10.50 yard Clearance! Now only $5.25 yard

Quantity :

small square batik


Mauve batik fabric- KP04-M1

last 1 3/8 yard piece $14.49

cascade batik fabric


Cascade Gold fades from pale gold to rich golden yellow. Cascade batik-gold-Item #- 4202-302

Was $10.50 yard, now $5.25 yard

Quantity :

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Hand dyed fabrics

green tulip design


Deep, rich green batik fabric with tulip square flower design -Item # -BTR-6551

Was $12.50 yd., now $8.00 per yard

Quantity :

purple batik fabric


Purple eye design-Purple eye design on pale lavender background-AMD-9488-25

Was $11.60 yard, now $9.00 yard

Quantity :

red tulip batik design fabric


Bright red batik fabric with dark brick tulip square designs. Hot red and dark brick tulip designs- Item #-BTR-6551

Was $12.50 yd., now $8.00 per yard

Quantity :

floral batik fabric

Almost gone!

Dark magenta batik fabric with light pink with orange dots.Pink with orange dots -item #AMD-11630-112

last 1/2 yard piece $5.80

last 1 yard piece $11.60


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