Textile Paints & Dyes Clearance


Fabric paint and dye liquidation! All sets coordinated with a variety of colors and media that will work together to create beautiful original masterpieces ion fabrics. No returns, all sales final. All sets will vary in color choice with a variety selected.
textile paint clearance
Textile Paint Mixed Media Clearance
Huge group of mixed media textile paints. Dye Na Flow fluid fabric paints, Lumiere 3-D Dimensional metallic fabric paints and Neopaque fabric paints. Shop our large selection of prepared for dye (PFD) fabrics
Dye Na Flow paint brush set
Dye Na Flow & Painting Brush Sets~Clearance!
Liquidation priced. Dye Na Flow fabric paint sets. Permanent fluid textile paint, useful for any paint or dye-like applicatioon on any fiber. Textile paint Set of 4 colors with bamboo sheeps hair and natural hair brushes. Multiple sets available, each set may vary in colors. Plastic palatte included.
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iDye Poly clearance
iDye Poly Sets~Clearance!
Liquidation priced! Set of 10 iDye natural. Washing machine ready dyes for polyester fibers. Multiple sets available, each set may vary in colors.
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Sumi-e painting set clearance
Sumi-e Painting Set~Clearance!
Liquidation priced! Sets of silk painting and hake brushes, made of 100% natural hair and bamboo or wood handles. Also Sumi-e ink and ink stone. Multiple sets available, each set may vary slightly. Ceramic koi ink well included.
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