Fabric paint sets for all painting techniques. These fabric paint sets are a convenient way to get a taste of a variety of colors and products without investing in the larger bottles. Jacquard Textile paints are permanent on any fiber, natural and synthetic. The Neopaque fabric paints cover in one coat for a consistant finish and the colors of the Lumiere metallic fabric paints shine with vibrancy and luster. Jacquard Green label silk paints are premixed colors, ready to use right our of the bottle. Get a tie dye kit or two for a fun project with the kids, they'll be proud after dyeing their own T-shirt. Tie dye kits and sets and indigo dye kits for dyeing your own fabrics, tee shirts and more. Jacquards tie dye kits are equipped with everything you need to create a fabulous tie dye. Want to choose your own colors, or add some to this mix? Check our our Procion dyes, 43 different colors to choose from! Or how about tie dyeing silk? You can use Procion dyes or Jacquard Acid dyes for a huge color palette.

Fabric Paint instructions

Silk painting instructions

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Tie dye instructions

Prepared For Dye (PFD) Fabrics 

Lumiere and neopaque fabric paints
Lumiere & Neopaque
Lumiere metallic fabric paints and black and white Neopaque, super opaque fabric paints. Metallic fabric paints full of color and shine.Permanent on any fiber, natural or synthetic and even on wood, plaster, and amost any porous surfaces. Includes nine 1/2 oz. (14 ml.) bottles with applicator nozzles.
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tie dye kit
Funky Groovy Tie Dye Kit

Funky Groovy Tie Dye Kit-Smaller Procion MX tie dye kit comes with 3 primary colors which can be mixed to create a rainbow of colors. Kit also comes with 3 applicator bottle, soda ash dye fixer, ruber bands and instructions-Dyes up to 5 shirts.

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Tie dye kits
Large Tie Dye Kit
Tie dye kit has Procion fabric dyes for natural fibers. Jacquards tie dye kits are equipped with everything you need to create a fabulous tie dye.
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